An Open Conversation About Change

Has this Happened to You? You go to the produce department of your grocery store and they’ve moved your favourite vegetable or fruit. Now you have to go searching for its new location and along the way you notice some items you didn’t know were on the shelves. You might even pick up one or […]

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An Introduction – Kathie Donovan

Kathie Donovan

A Fresh Start Have you ever moved to a new city, left a relationship, changed schools or left a job? Doesn’t it feel like leaping off a cliff without a parachute?  There’s that nattering inside voice reminding you that you’re alone and you fear you may never feel comfortable or connected to community again. Growing […]

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Susan Stephen – An Introduction

Susan Stephen

Hi I’m Susan, Welcome to “The Science of Wellness,” Eat. Live. Love My goal is to support a healthy rightsized lifestyle A little about me and how I got into this… Like many busy travelling executives I was living on life’s ‘hamster wheel’ and knew inside I needed to make a change. Listening to your […]

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Adult Lifestyle Community: The Wellings of Waterford

Welcome to the Wellings of Waterford Blog! We figure you might have a few questions for us, like: “Who are you?”, “Why Waterford?”, or “What’s a Wellings Adult Lifestyle Community?” Well, allow us to introduce to you a new concept in 55+ living! What is a Wellings? The Wellings of Waterford is the first of […]

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