Food & Hospitality

At Wellings active communities, all villas and bungalow-towns are equipped full kitchens and appliances for your convenience, but should you feel like a night off, there are a few family run restaurants in Waterford, and lots to choose from in Simcoe and Brant.

As the fifth largest agricultural region in Ontario, fresh produce is never hard to find. Visit one of the local farm retailers, or drop by the Farmer’s market on Wednesdays! (In season only). Called “Ontario’s Garden,” Norfolk County is the number one grower of a variety of produce including:

  • Blueberries
  • Asparagus
  • Cabbage
  • Ginseng
  • Peppers
  • Pumpkins
  • Squash
  • Sweet corn
  • Sweet potatoes
  • And more!

Waterford is one of the many stops along the “Toast the Coast Trail,” a trail of wineries and breweries that run along the great lakes! Enjoy the flavours of award-winning wines, fresh fermented hard ciders, and exceptionally brewed craft beer and spirits. There’s no better way to enjoy your retirement than in a region designed for growing hops, grapes, and local produce.


Nestled in the heart of Norfolk County, Waterford, ON is a quaint community where time almost seems to stand still. Full of antique shops, quaint restaurants and diners, and a river that winds through the area, Waterford is uniquely designed to  let you enjoy your lifestyle at a measured pace. Rest assured that removing yourself from the hustle and bustle of a big city will have its benefits, but if you are looking for good shopping and a larger city, you are within 40 from one and only an hour and a half from Toronto.

The County of Brant, Ontario, is a short drive from Waterford and is home to a full-size hospital and heritage sites, including the home of the co-founder of the International Women’s Institute and co-founder of the YMCA, and the site where Canada last fought as a nation against a foreign invading power. The local arts and culture scene is also thriving, with artisans, musicians, and successful authors calling the County of Brant home.

Simcoe is just a 15-minute drive from the Wellings of Waterford, and a vibrant part of Norfolk County. One of the larger communities in the area, Simcoe is home to the regional hospital along with other easily accessible services. Simcoe is a designated Age-Friendly County, and is adding services monthly to support the aging population. This is good news for the area and the people residing at the Wellings of Waterford.

Waterford and neighbouring Simcoe provide all necessary services such as chiropractors, massage therapists, dentists, diabetes clinics, podiatrists, restorative yoga and swimming. Should you ever need health care, Waterford is in close proximity to Community Care Access Centres, as well as two hospitals. The Community Care Access Centre for the region is easily accessible to everyone. Norfolk General Hospital is located in Simcoe, just 14 kilometers away. Brant General Hospital is located in Brantford, 27 kilometers away.


The Wellings of Waterford is perfectly situated for you to take advantage of the great outdoors. With beautiful beaches, pristine lakes, expansive farms, and majestic forests, there’s plenty for you to explore.

Maintaining your health is important for an independent lifestyle. Perfectly situated to take advantage of the great outdoors, staying active is easy to do at the Wellings of Waterford. The community is also full of small-town flavour, churches, small shops, and bespoke talents. There’s plenty to keep you growing!

The Wellings of Waterford is the award-winning lifestyle community for adults 55+. All Wellings properties are designed, built, owned, and managed Canadian company, Nautical Lands Group. Visit for more details.

Health & Wellness

Members living at Wellings of Waterford enjoy an active lifestyle on their own schedule. Some walk, some cycle, some take fitness classes in the clubhouse weekly. We take your well being seriously and although it’s up to  you, we will encourage you to engage in something active every day.

Enjoy a maintenance free lifestyle and stay active in a quaint community outside the hustle and bustle of a large city, where the fresh air is plentiful and welcomed.

We will always look for opportunities to connect our members with the greater community, ensuring mind, body & soul stay connected and curious about life’s adventures.

The Wellings community believes living with a sense of purpose keeps you young and fulfilled. We encourage all our residents to embrace their passion and set a schedule to do the things they love.